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scientific advice

SIRIUS have experience in obtaining parallel and multi-HTA scientific advice as well as working with individual national European payers. Our clients value SIRIUS’ expertise on the optimal route to scientific advice and choice of HTAs.

Scientific advice from payers can be used to gain information and guidance on both the clinical pathway and economic evaluation of a pharma product or treatment in development. Scientific advice is a constructive dialogue, which highlights different expectations of participating parties. Our clients choose to gain scientific advice from HTA/ payers for many reasons, including:

  • To develop their market access strategy.
  • Improved patient access.
  • To develop more robust, payer-relevant evidence.
  • Reduction in uncertainty.
  • A faster time to market.
  • To reduce costs.

SIRIUS assist our clients in the production of the briefing book which contains clinical and economic information relevant to the client’s product, as well as the client’s questions and position statements. SIRIUS can attend the meeting on our client’s behalf and provide follow-up documentation.

If you’re interested in working with SIRIUS, please get in touch using the CONTACT page.