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At SIRIUS we understand that expert knowledge of the rapidly evolving health technology assessment (HTA) process is crucial for market access strategy. The SIRIUS oncology HTA database provides rapid access to oncology HTA decisions and trends in decision-making for NICE, SMC, HAS, G-BA/IQWiG, and PBAC.

The SIRIUS oncology HTA database captures details of over 40 data points for every NICE oncology HTA from 2010 to the present day, with up to 9 data points for each of the other HTA bodies. It is continually updated to include the most recently published assessments. Overall trends in decision making as well as precedents for individual disease areas and technologies can be analysed to support our clients.

We can answer your key oncology market access questions including:

  • How many technologies are approved through the NICE end-of-life criteria?
  • How many used a patient access scheme?
  • How many were accepted within the new Cancer Drugs Fund?
  • How do NICE submissions compare to Scotland (SMC), France (HAS), or Germany (G-BA/ IQWiG)?

The Oncology HTA database informs and provides learnings for individual disease areas:

  • Did the payer accept phase II or phase III data?
  • How many HTAs were supported by single-arm or non-randomised trial data?
  • Was any other data submitted to support the appraisal and which methods were used, e.g. network meta-analysis?

If you’re interested in working with SIRIUS, please get in touch using the CONTACT page.